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Quick Overview

Our aim is to reach out to the globe within shortest possible time frame

To promote this objective, not only we distribute and market our  Veterinary  range of products globally through our distribution channels but we also undertake ‘contract manufacturing’& ‘formulation development ’of our wide range of generic products such as Strongheart which contains Ivermectin 272 mcg and Pyrantel 277 mg.

This Strongheart contains same active ingredients as Heartgard plus from Merial.


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Ivermectin  …272 mcg                   

Pyrantel…..  277 mg


 For use in dogs to prevent canine heartworm disease by eliminating the tissue stage of heartworm larvae (Dirofilaria immitis) for a month (30 days) after infection and for the treatment and control of ascarids (Toxocara Canis, Toxascaris leonina) and hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum, Uncinaria stenocephala. Ancylostoma braziliense).


Strong heart should be administered orally at monthly intervals at the recommended minimum dose level of 6 mg of ivermectin per kilogram (2.72 mcg/lb) and 5 mg of pyrantel (as pamoate salt) per kg (2.27 mg/lb) of body weight. The recommended dosing schedule for prevention of canine hearhvorrn cfisease and for the treatment and control of ascarids and hookworms is as follows:

Dog Weight               Chewables Per Month        Ivermectin Content          Pyrantel Content

Up to 25 lb                                 1                         68 mg           57 mg

26 to 50 lb                                 1                         136 mg           114 mg

51 to 100lb                                1                          272 mg           227 mg

Strongheart is recommended for dogs 6 weeks of age and older.

For dogs over 100 lb use the appropriate combination of these chewable.


Remove only one chewable at a time from the for blister card. Return the card with the remaining Chewables to its boon protect the product from light. Because most dogs find Strongheart palatable, the product can be offered to the dog by hand. Alternatively, it may be added intact to a small amount of dog food. The chewable should be administered in a manner that encourages the dog to chew, rather than to swallow without chewing. Chewable may be broken into pieces and fed to dogs that normally swallow treats whole.

Care should be taken that the dog consumes the complete dose, and treated animals should be observed for a few minutes after administration to ensure that pad of the dose is not lost or rejected. If it is suspected that any of the dose has been lost, redoing is recommended.

Strong heart should be given at monthly intervals during the period of the year when mosquitoes (vectors), potentially carrying infective heartworm larvae, are active. The initial dose must be given within a month (30 days) after the dog's first exposure to mosquitoes. The final dose must be given within a month (30 days) after the dog's last exposure to mosquitoes.

When replacing another heartworm preventive product in a heartworm disease preventive program, the first dose of Strong head must be given within a month (30 days) of thelastdose of the former medication.

If the interval between doses exceeds a month (30 days). The efficacy of ivermectin can be reduced. Therefore, for optimal performance, the chewable must be given once a month on or about the same day of the month, If treatment is delayed. Whether by a few days or many, immediate treatment with Strongheart and resumption of the recommended dosing regimen miss the opportunity for the developmental adult headworms.

Monthly treatment with Strong heart also provides effective treatment and control of 00000 do (T. Canis, T leonine) and hookworms (k caninum. U stenocephala, A. braziliensa). Clients should be advised of measures to be taken to prevent reinfedion with intestinal parasites.


Strongheart (ivermectin/pyrantel) Chewable, given orally using the recommended dose and regimen are effective against the tissue larval stage of D. immitis for a month (so days) after infection and as a result. Prevent the development of the adult stage. Strongheart Chewables are also effective against canine ascarids (T. Canis, Tleonina) and hookworms (A, caninum, U. stenocephala, A. braziliense).


In acceptability and field trials, Strong head was shown to bear acceptable oral dosage form that was consumed at first offering by the majesty of dogs.


 All dogs should be tested for existing heartworm infection before starting treatment with Stronghearhvhich is not effective against adult a immitis. Infected dogs must be treated to remove adult heartworms and microfilariae before initiating a program with Strongheart.

While some microfilariae may be Wed by the ivermedin 0 Strongheartat the recommended dose level, Strongheart is not effective for microfilariae clearance. A mild hypersensitivity -type reaction, presumably due to dead or dying microfilariae and particularly involving a transient diarrhea, has been observed in clinical trials with ivermectin alone after treatment of some dogs that have circulating microfilariae.

Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children. In case of ingestion by humans, clients should be advised to contact a physician immediately. Physicians may contact a Poison GoMrol Center for advice concerning cases of ingestion by humans.

Store below 30°G).


In clinical field trials with Strongheart, vomiting or diarrhea within 24 hours of dosing was rarely observed (1 .1% of administering doses). The following adverse reactions have been reported Wowing the use of HEARTGARD: Depressionllethargy, vomiting, anorexia, diarrhea, mydriasis, ataxia, staggering, convulsions and hypersalivation.


Studies with ivermectin indicate that cedain dogs of the Collie breed are more sensitive to the effects of ivermectin administered at elevated dose levels (more than 16 times the target use level) than dogs of other breeds.At elevated doses. Sensitive dogs showed adverse reactions which included mydriasis depression, ataxia, tremors, drooling, paresis, recumbency, excitability, stupor, coma and death. HEARTGARD demonstrated 00 0105 of tmdcity at 10 fines the recommended dose (60 mcg/kg) in sensifive Collies. The results of these trades and bioequivalency studies, support the safety of Strong head products in dogs, including Collies. When used as recommended,

Strangers as shown a wide margin of safety at the recommended dose level in dogs, including pregnant or breeding bitches, stud dogs and puppies aged 6 or more weeks. In clinical trials, many commonly used flea collars, dips, shampoo, anthelmintics, antibiotics, vaccines and steroid preparations have been administered with Strongheartin a heartworm disease preventive program,

In one trial, where some pups had parvovirus, there was a marginal reduction in efficacy against in estinal nematodes. Possibly due to a change in intestinal transit time.


Strongheart plus for large dogs comes in convenient cartons of Sand 6 chewable.